OT Tea Crew???

I picked up some gunpowder green tea a few days ago. Im so addicted now. I drink maybe 6-8cups a day and just picked up some really tasty sencha today. Im guessing what im drinking is crap since its ~$1.50 an oz.
Reasonably tasty tea doesn’t have to be uber expensive. However if your tastes are refined, loose-leaf teas which can be sometimes found in large coffe shops are’t that expensive in bulk. You can also, of course order online. Since you seem partial to green tea, I would also reccomend you try Smoked Green Tea (a robust flavor) or Jasmine tea, which is much like Sencha ( a traditional japanese blend) but with a more floral bouquet and aftertaste. If you’re in the mood for something british but refreshing, Earl Grey is nice, however orange pekoe is fuller bodied and richer in flavor. At any rate, enjoy your new addiction. Tea is great for you as it’s loaded with antioxidants and also helps to flush the system of other toxins. Green Teas are particularily well known for this, so you’re in good shape.

i like earl grey with a little splenda and a pinch of cream

that’s how i take my earl grey
I blended teas yesterday and it came out fab. I have bigelow French vanilla tea and tazo chai (i ran out of redbush and it’s alli had inthe house). One bag each to 1.5 cups of water steeped for 3 minutes with 2 splenda and a bit of milk. Absolutely FABULOUS.
might want to lay off the 6-8 cups a day… you’ll have kidney stones in no time. Not to mention high blood pressure, etc..

yea. its antioxidant and everything but itll melt your insides!
I usually just go with Irish Breakfast. I’m a simple man I guess when it comes to Tea.

do you have a source to back this up?

I picked up some mandrin orange green tea and some mate vana from there this weekend.
"Tea does contain oxalic acid and related compounds. In SOME (not all) individuals, these oxalates will combine with calcium in the kidneys and accrete to form calcium-oxalate kidney stones. But oxalates are present in a lot of different foods, not just tea. (If I recall correctly, beans are a source of oxalates.) And tea can help prevent stones from forming, since it provides additional water (which helps dilate urine and flush out calcium oxalate before it forms stones that are large enough to cause pain or damage). So you only need to worry about this if you’re the sort of person who is prone to getting calcium-oxalate kidney stones; if you drink a lot of tea and eat oxalate-rich foods; if your diet is also high in calcium; and if you don’t drink enough water. In case anyone is wondering, I came by this knowledge the hard way. But I haven’t passed a kidney stone in a very long time, because I know how to avoid producing them."

just saying you should be weary of ingesting anything in excess… I find it hard to believe that all that caffeine is good for your body and mind.