Easy mac cheese and no-chew diet

I’m on a no-chew diet for 6 weeks… ideas?
I’ve got pudding, protein shake things, various pastas I can down without chewing..

Also, does anyone know a recipe for the easy-mac cheese? I’m assuming it’s got some powdered milk or something in it. I can’t eat the macaroni noodles because they will get caught in my braces, but I don’t want to buy easy mac just to toss the noodles.
Blender for the win.

I had lockjaw a few years ago and after getting the shots from the doctor and getting my jaw open, it hurt like fuck for a week or so. We blended food and it was easy to eat.

By the way.. Blended McDonalds cheeseburger? Tastes just like a Mcdonalds Cheeseburger pudding.
Peanut Butter is a good source of protein… the all-natural stuff doesn’t contain hydrogenated veg oil which makes it more healthy too (takes out the dang transfat).

Even though I hate the stuff, Yogurt is good for you

And, as said, blenders can make tougher foods downable… especially fruits for good nutrition.

I suggest keeping nutricious foods in mind when making meals because when you’re put on a no-chew diet like this, it’s easy to become mal-nourished because you rely on one or two items that are easy to eat simply because you get lazy and depressed (it’s natural).
Two of my friends had their jaws worked on in high school. Lots of mashed potatoes and gravy.
the easy mac noodles are thinner than regular macaroni (to help it cook in the microwave, so you should be able to down without chewing if you eat slowly. You can’t really re-create the kraft macaroni and cheesetaste with fresh ingredients, so if you crave that taste and can’t east the noodles I would buy the easy mac and use the packets with orzo or something and then save the noodles to use once you can chew again.

I would recommend one thing you add to your diet is ensure or a similar brand of liquid nutrition supplement so that you can get the nutrition you need – that’s what they had my sister do when she had jaw surgery,

One thing I would try out is stew or chili with really finely ground beef
blend fruits into the protein shakes, thats pretty good. Add in a multivitamin and you could at least survive off that for awhile.

Also, lots of soups can be downed without chewing. Those that cant can be blended.

Cock suckers cramp?

I know I’m late, and hopefully, you are prolly back on a reg diet. But just in case…

Get yourself some whole grain brown rice. It takes longer to cook — usually about 45 minutes.

Once its done, throw it in the blender and liquify it. (depending on your blender, the rice, humidity, etc.) you might need to add a bit of water to get it to a nice thick, but still liquid consistency.

For a mac and cheese — use about 1 cup of the blended rice. Put it in a good saucepan. Add whatever milk you normally use, about 1/4 cup. Heat this over a med-low heat. Stir so that nothing is sticking to the bottom of the pot. Grate whatever your fav cheese is — any of the cheddars usually works best. Once rice mixture is very warm (not boiling), add the cheese, stirring all the while. If its too thick, add more milk. Salt and pepper to taste. If you like to "kick it up a notch" add cumin and chili powder or thyme and sage.

This liquified rice mixture can be used as a soup base for anyone who cannot tolerate dairy. Thin it however much you like, and add whatever makes your taste buds tingle. By using the whole grain brown rice, you get the added fiber that your diet prolly needs until you can chew again.

I hope you’re feeling better!