Visiting for the Day

Micki’s birthday party is next Saturday. She’s turning 16. She told my dad it was a “cake and ice cream” party last night haha. Doug’s coming up that weekend so I told her we would probably go if I didn’t have to work (haha work?).

I applied to Hannaford and Wal-Mart in Gloversville today. They’re both hiring. Never got a call back from any of the other calls.

Haha Eric forgets to pick up Dee everyday after school now. I guess he oversleeps. Hey if I had to wake up and go down and pick her up everyday at 2 I would “oversleep” too. Poor guy. What’s he doing sleeping at 2 in the afternoon anyways?

I hurt my wrist the other day. I slammed my hand down and my bracelet went into my wrist. So it hurt to move it but its getting better now.

My school is selling lollypops for St. Patrick’s Day. I bought green apple and raspberry lemonade for Doug.

Since I don’t have school on April 1st I’m going down to Doug’s school and visiting for the day :).

Eight months. :)