under the sink water filtration systems

Anyone have one they would recommend? Also I have a water softener does this mean I would have to replace filters more often?
I’ve had an American Plumber R/O system for almost 10 years now. I liked mine so much, I bought one for my parents about 6 years ago… they love theirs too. I also have mine hooked up to the refrigerator, so all of my ice is made from purified water… you’ve never seen ice cubes so crystal clear.
The water from my system tastes so fresh and clean, most bottled waters taste like a fishtank by comparison. I’m a HUGE water drinker… I don’t drink coffee, I don’t drink soda… my R/O system is in constant use and I find that the replacement parts last FAR longer than recommended… like at least 2X, or 3X as long. A simple ppm meter, available on Ebay for under $20, is used to test the efficiency of your system.

I don’t know about your softened water question… softened water tastes terrible!! Can you maybe bypass the softener for your drinking water?
Like I said; it’s an American Plumber reverse osmosis system… it’s an older 2 filter system… looks like most of the newer ones have 3. If you really want to know the model #, I will climb under the sink to look.

Ebay has tons of R/O systems for far less than you’ll pay at Home Depot.