School Shooting paper, suggestions?

I’m doing a scary story for my Creative Writing class, and I didn’t want to do the typical zombie / killer ex-girlfriend story. I wanted to do a paper people can RELATE to. Something they can put themselves in line with and actually imagine happening to them. Soo I did it on a school shooting. Keep in mind this isn’t like venting or anything, and it’s purely fictional. I’m looking for improvement suggestions.


Reno’d the kitchen- pic v. before and after

Took the last week off of work and completely gutted the kitchen and redid it. Not bad for my first time I think. There’s still a couple small details to take care of. Obviously before is on the right hand side.

Can anyone recommend a good stainless steel cleaner/polisher?

I really need to redo our kitchen, but that would include new flooring and the floor is no longer level. I fear the cost…

That’s an Ikea flat pack kitchen?