I could use a little advice shopping for washers/dryers.

What is the advantage of a front-load washer over a top-load?

What should I be looking for when I purchase a washer/dryer?

I want to keep it under $2500 for sure but I think I can get a great combo for $2000 or less. Gas Dryer.


That with matching dryer would be < $2500. Can I get an equally great combo for less?

Pedestal do anything other than raise the height of the unit? They’re going in my unfinished basement anyhow (I’d get white ones to save money) and considering I run a construction company I can have my welder build me a pedestal for nothing if I really want them raised.

What’s an approximate price range to have 220v outlets installed

going to be buying a welder and other power tools for my garage soon. I was curious as to the approximate cost of getting a 220v installed. I’ll probably have 2-3 diff 220v outlets installed just to be on the safe side.

What is a very general price range that I’m looking at for just one outlet? $300ish? $500ish? more? Anyone that can help, I’d appreciate it!
How far and how hard to get to is your circuit breaker box from the spot you want the outlet?

Also, does your box have at least one double-wide spot free for a 220v breaker?

A/C locks?

So apparently the hot thing in the local neighborhoods is stealing the freon out of A/C units (townhomes with low fences, easy targets). they sent out an email saying that for $80 (parts + labor) someone could come install locks on the A/C units to keep the freon from being stolen.

has anyone had experience with these locks? how much do they cost? if its a decent amount less i’d like to do it myself and possibly go around doing it for everyone that wants it for just a few bucks.
They’re not stealing the freon. They’re stealing the copper and getting cash for it as scrap. Big cash. There’s a lot of copper tubing in an AC compressor.

Anyone still homebrew?

I just bottled a six malt amber and am working on my own amber ale using some rye grains.
I do.

I have a wheat that I am going to be bottling in the next couple of days. I was actually just thinking about what to buy next.
I have a vanilla porter in primary right now(boiled on thursday) and I have an amber that’s bottle conditioning.

I’m gonna get a kolsch going in about a week for a lawnmower beer, followed by a citrusweizen, and another go-round of american red.