Completely beer brewing kit for 600$

Assume I have no equipment at all, and i want to begin a home brew. Excluding the actual material for first batch, how can i best spend 500-600$

You can get a really good setup for that amount. That’s a lot of money for a beginner. As far as how to spend it, I would go to places like these to check things out:

well, i can spend UP to 600$ on it, then what is a good value kit in that price range? i dont want to "settle" for crap equipment

I Hate Spring Break

I am on Spring Break this week. Tuesday all the mommy’s and daddy’s came to pick the youngsters up, my name for my dorm mates. I was more uncertain to go. The others go home to see their families, or off to the airport to somewhere warm. I have to throw all my clothes in garbage bags, put it in the car, drive a mile down the road and then yank them all out of the car. Spring Break is annoying. I hate packing, my dorms close every break and I’m not allowed in them so I stay with a friend.

Why not go home too? Because I work for an evil retail giant. Why the fuck don’t you have anymore jelly beans last minute shoppers. Then take the blame that even though the Easter stuff has been up for weeks it is my fault you had to wait to the day before the shop for it.

I have had a lot of thinking of what to do this summer and next semester. My large tonsils and I could go home this summer. I don’t really like staying with my father but it’s pretty cheap living and I can work full time at the Amsterdam Wal-Mart and save money. Or I could stay in Oneonta and work for Wal-Mart and get an apartment. But I owe a lot of money to the hospital and the Oneonta Wal-Mart is less likely give me time off to get my tonsils out (if I can get them out this summer like I want.) I could work for Office Max, but even if I do get that job I will turn it down because I am not working for minimum wage. So I’m probably going to go home, get Medicaid, or pay $300 to my father a month for health insurance, and hopefully get my tonsils cut out.

Next semester I know I am not coming back to SUNY Oneonta (SUCO.) SUCO isn’t that bad, I do not like my major though. The Computer Arts program and I are not getting along. I feel like I know everything and no one believes me. But tha’s a whole other topic. So I’m going to transfer to SUNY Delhi.

No More Applications

I’m a little upset. Tomorrows Thursday I have to go looking for jobs again. I’m getting sick of applications now and I’m not getting calls back from anyplace. I don’t see the use anymore, I don’t even except a call from a place when I’m filling out their application. I wanted to apply somewhere in like Saratoga or Schenectady/Guilderland even though there like 45 minutes away. I probably wont be able to work that far away but at least it would give me hope if they call back.

I found out today one of the girls in my English group got a 95 :/. I will never be best at anything.

Hannaford Amst. 3/2 no call
Hannaford Glov. 3/14 no call
Eckerd Amst. 3/3 no call
Eckerd Johs. 3/23 no call
Wal-Mart Amst. 3/3 no call
Wal-Mart Glov. 3/14 no call
Price Chopper Amst. 3/3 no call
Price Chopper Glov. 3/3 no call
Price Chopper Johs. 3/3 no call
Save-A-Lot Amst. 3/7 no call
Kems Amst. 3/7 no call
Pizza Hut Glov. 3/24 no call
Jtown Movie Johs. 3/23 no call
Burger King Glov. 3/24 no call
House of Pizza Glov. 3/28 no call
Crossroads Glov. 3/24 no call
Friendly Johs. 3/23 no call
Rite Aid Johs. 3/28 no call
Utterly Delicious Johs. 3/28 no call
Visiting for the Day

Micki’s birthday party is next Saturday. She’s turning 16. She told my dad it was a “cake and ice cream” party last night haha. Doug’s coming up that weekend so I told her we would probably go if I didn’t have to work (haha work?).

I applied to Hannaford and Wal-Mart in Gloversville today. They’re both hiring. Never got a call back from any of the other calls.

Haha Eric forgets to pick up Dee everyday after school now. I guess he oversleeps. Hey if I had to wake up and go down and pick her up everyday at 2 I would “oversleep” too. Poor guy. What’s he doing sleeping at 2 in the afternoon anyways?

I hurt my wrist the other day. I slammed my hand down and my bracelet went into my wrist. So it hurt to move it but its getting better now.

My school is selling lollypops for St. Patrick’s Day. I bought green apple and raspberry lemonade for Doug.

Since I don’t have school on April 1st I’m going down to Doug’s school and visiting for the day :).

Eight months. :)

Box of Chicks

Ok no place has called me back. I applied at Kems and Save-A-Lot last Thursday and I’m getting nowhere. I called Eckerd, Hannaford, and Wal-Mart Thursday. Eckerd is not hiring, and Hannaford and Wal-Mart told me they would call me (so that means no). Doug said I would get an interview if I called them but all I got was “you can come down to the store and fill out an application” and “will call you.” Anyone else have any other ideas of where to work because I’m running out of places, that AREN’T food!

Doug came up Saturday. We played rotating hiding go seek, which is hard because the person your trying to find keeps moving from location to location. Then we went to Friendly in Johnstown and then to the movies to see Time Machine. I liked when he was in like late1800’s and 2030’s more than in 80,000’s. Then on Sunday morning we went to Wal-Mart and Wendy’s. I talked Doug out of getting a DVD player. He got me a box of little chicks.


Hello. I applied to Hannaford, Eckerd, Wal-Mart and Price Chopper today. I went to C&R yesterday and I’m off the schedule again this week! I only worked 1 time in the last month and he’s hiring new people!

I bought new sheets at Wal-Mart; they have pictures of clouds on them. I was looking at sandals there but they my dad wants me to get leather ones because my other one fell apart last time and Wal-Mart doesn’t have leather in the style I like. So I’ll go to the mall and look at Skechers. I don’t need them till May any ways.

Doug always buys me these cute little ducky stuff animals and stuff but I feel bad because I never get anything for him :(. I don’t know what he wants ether, he likes all expensive things.