favorite comfort foods

everyone has something they eat to make themselves feel better when they are down…chocolate, ice cream, etc. Just curious as to what everyone else eats to make themselves feel better on off days. With me its all about anything chocolate…oreos, ice cream, brownies…you name it!
pizza,pizza,pizza and cheese.. oh. and extra cheese pizza’s
I try not to get into the habit of eating to comfort me. I gained a ton of weight when I did that during HS…
Chocolate Chip Cookies.

I just recently found this out because I’ve never really had a big sweet tooth.

Salmon Udon

simple recipe but a great combo…

Acquire some udon noodles from Trader Joes or better yet a japanese market… Cook as directed using some chicken broth mixed in with the boiling water (i use 1 part water 1 part broth).

Get some salmon (fresh or frozen) from your choice of market.. I just use some frozen salmon from costco, tastes great to me. Bake the salmon steak with extra virgin olive oil, lemon juice, and dill weed.

1) get bowl, fill with cooked noodles, cover noodles with salmon

Post all your spaghetti sauce recipe’s!!

Looking to make some small changes to mine.. seeing what you guys use!

I’m sick of buying canned/bottled stuff, I’d like to try making some.
vine ripened tomatoes, basil, oregano, and white wine is all i usually use if i make my own. not great but its easy
1 Can, Crushed Tomatoes (much nicer than canned sauce)
Dash Lemon Juice
Pinch Sugar
Sea Salt & Fresh Ground Black Pepper to taste
2 Roasted Red Bell Peppers Finely Diced (You can buy them in a can or jar, and they add a nice smokey undernote)

Italian pasta recipes

i’m new to cooking for myself, and I particularly enjoy cooking pasta. what are some really tasty pasta recipes that you have all come across? i have a real taste for things such as olives and capers, by the way, so i don’t mind those at all.

any suggestions?
Fusili with Tuna Marinara:

Drain 1 can of Chunk-Light tuna in water, be sure to remove as much water as possible, then marinade it in about two tbsp of extra virgin olive oil, the juice of half a lemon (bottled juice will do if that’s all you’ve got) a pinch of salt, and a pinch of pepper

FOOD CREW: Looking to make Steak fajitas

I need to cook for 8 people next week and am thinking Fajitas wouldn’t be too difficult and the family I’m cooking for loves them.

I’m gonna try them out on my family of four this week. I don’t think I’m gonna marinate the steak strips, just some salt, pepper, and onion powder should be in order.

I’m thinking (for my family of 4):
Slice up a 1lb (will that be enough for 4 people?) ~2 thick sirloin into many strips, and season with salt + pepper