I love to cook. I’m pretty decent- I’m still living with my parents and attending high school. I like to think I can cook better than both my parents and ESPECIALLY better than my two siblings.

Chicken is by far my favorite meat; this is because it goes so well with so many styles. I’m looking for some new suggestions in cooking.

With the aforesaid having been said, please post your favorite chicken recipe. Give a little insight on how it will taste, what it tastes like, how healthy* it is, etc. I personally love the taste of buffalo sauce, garlic, mesquite BBQ, and some others. I also love the taste of cheese, peppers, onions, etc. Thanks in advance!

Wok Weirdness

There was something weird about my wok last night. Instead of being oily on the surface as per usual, it had some sort of coating that was extremely hard to remove. I had to get out some bar keepers friend and scrub it a lot. I think it might be because it sat out for a long time since my last use. Do you think it’s alright to still use. Any thoughts would help. Thanks.
Usually I just let stuff burn onto my wok, well, the one I use to have.

It had to be seasoned so I just let it sit on high heat. After use I just cleaned it by running water around the pan while it was still hot to rinse it out and that’s it.

now THIS is how you make a cheap, easy, and healty dinner. **PICS**

made a little ‘orange chicken’ stirfry last night. VERY simple.

take 2-3 boneless/skinless chicken breasts – cut ’em up into ~1" cubes. Marinate them with 2 tbsp rice wine, and 2 tbsp corn starch. let ’em marinate for 30 minutes.

sauce: ~1/2cup OJ, 2tbsp soy sauce, 1tsp sesame oil (yum), 2tsp brown sugar, 1tsp chili oil or flakes. I put a tbsp of corn starch in the sauce as well – really helps to thicken it up. If you like more orange flavor (this just has a hint of orange), put some orange marmelade in the sauce. that’ll really kick it up a notch

FOOD CREW: Looking to make Steak fajitas

I need to cook for 8 people next week and am thinking Fajitas wouldn’t be too difficult and the family I’m cooking for loves them.

I’m gonna try them out on my family of four this week. I don’t think I’m gonna marinate the steak strips, just some salt, pepper, and onion powder should be in order.

I’m thinking (for my family of 4):
Slice up a 1lb (will that be enough for 4 people?) ~2 thick sirloin into many strips, and season with salt + pepper

Homemade Tofu

Would anyone like to know how to make home made tofu? If so, I’ll make up a guide and take pictures.
I’d totally be down for a guide. You could also do some of your best tofu recipes too
OK then, I’ll try and get the guide written up by next week. Going shopping to make tofu!
hells yeah post it! i would love to make my own.

my favorite recipe is taken from, general tao’s tofu. the secret to crispy perfect fried tofu is using cornstarch.


Cooking crew: how do you keep a chocolate cookie coating from melting on your fingers

I’ve got an awesome thin mint recipe and have made two batches of them, making a couple modifications to the recipe. One problem I still haven’t figured out is the chocolate coating. The recipe calls for bittersweet chocolate melted with a tiny amount of vegetable oil. The cookies are then dipped and the chocolate allowed to harden. Even if you serve the cookies refrigerated, chocolate gets all over your fingers. Anyone have any ideas on how to raise the melting point of the coating?