Wok Weirdness

There was something weird about my wok last night. Instead of being oily on the surface as per usual, it had some sort of coating that was extremely hard to remove. I had to get out some bar keepers friend and scrub it a lot. I think it might be because it sat out for a long time since my last use. Do you think it’s alright to still use. Any thoughts would help. Thanks.
Usually I just let stuff burn onto my wok, well, the one I use to have.

It had to be seasoned so I just let it sit on high heat. After use I just cleaned it by running water around the pan while it was still hot to rinse it out and that’s it.

Help with cast iron pan?

Hey all. I have a Lodge 12" cast iron pan as well as a pair of small cast iron pans that I inherited from an aunt. The two that I inherited feel smooth as glass across the bottom and are amazing. Hardly anything sticks and they are so easy to clean. The new pan, on the other hand, is rough along the bottom and everything sticks. When I’m done cooking in them, I just put a little oil and kosher salt (a la Alton Brown) and scrub around. I can get most out, but there is still a thin layer of burnt stuff that I just can’t scrub off. Is this normal? Is it going to take a while before it is as good as those other pans or is it not going to get like that?