The Dress

I still haven’t gotten a call back from any of the jobs yet. See I don’t want to call them because it would be like they just hired me because I annoying them too much with calling and wouldn’t give me good hours, like C&R. But if they called me then it would feel like they actually need me. I applied to like 7 places, shouldn’t at least 1 call back?

I let Micki borrow the one blue prom dress Dee gave me. Well today Dee comes to me and says ???I was over at Micki’s house yesterday and she has some really nice dresses.??? Well of course I told her Micki borrowed it for the week because she had to go somewhere with her boyfriend. I think she’s still a little pissed though, she shouldn’t be mad though. She gave the dress to me because she couldn’t fit in it anymore and I never wore it, I have nowhere to wear it. So I let Micki borrow it, it just sits there in my closet anyways.

I might not see Doug this weekend. This was supposed to be our weekend to see each other but he has to work on Saturday. And even if we did see each other Sunday I would only be from like 8 till 3 and that’s not very much time. So I don’t know what’s going to happen.

Chris emailed me yesterday saying he was sorry he dumper me and still wanted to be friends. So he probably wants something from me though, like a 2/3 chance. I was nice though and wrote back asking how he was and what was new and why after like 9 months he decided to email me out of the blue.

I see some of these girl that go tanning like every other day. That’s kind of sick, sitting in a little box with a light shining on you. Just think, now they look great having a tan and every thing but in like 15 or 20 years they’ll be all wrinkly and everything. I heard about this girl a few years ago that went tanning and stayed in too long and fired her insides. I prefer the real sun even if it makes me burn.