School Shooting paper, suggestions?

I’m doing a scary story for my Creative Writing class, and I didn’t want to do the typical zombie / killer ex-girlfriend story. I wanted to do a paper people can RELATE to. Something they can put themselves in line with and actually imagine happening to them. Soo I did it on a school shooting. Keep in mind this isn’t like venting or anything, and it’s purely fictional. I’m looking for improvement suggestions.


The Great Solar Experiment

When I return back to South korea (An american teaching English) in Korea.

I want to do 100% Solar for 1 year. My problem is going to be cooking I think and keeping clothes pressed.

I was thinking of buying two sheets of glass to put the clothes in between.
(do you foresee any problems with this idea.)

Plus equitizing the bus system to that of an Equitable city. I would say Busan=nashville. But I cant use the subway. And reducing the times I can use the bus.

Where to begin to get a book published?

So I decided to write a rhyming book about my dog just for shits n giggles.. Took pictures of the pup and photoshopped them so it looks watercolored or something… each page is just one line with a picture going with that sentence. I told my friends about it and let them read it and they asked if I was gonna get it published… figured why not. I’m gonna be a teacher and I already made a unit plan to go with this book and some other ideas I could use to teach using this book. So I figured it’s worth a shot to try.

What Are You Reading??? v.New

I just finished The Sun Also Rises by Hemingway
I just picked up for whom the bell tolls
I also wanted to get Haunted by that fight club guy
The Sun Also Rises was great.

Just finished Haunted. I only found it mediocore. Maybe I was expecting too much. Some of the short stories were really well done, but the overall connecting story did nothing for me.

Rereading Huxley’s Brave New World at the moment.
Boy’s Life by Robert R. McCammon