Kitchen Crew i need help

ok so i am getting my girlfriend a cermaic kitchen knife but i don’t know which ones are better than others and which ones are overpriced and so forth. From what i have researched and read Kyocera seems like a good one but i also found this website which seems well priced but they may suck as knives… any help would be greatly appreciated…


My project (lots of pics)

Step 1: Buy house.

Step 2: Get annoyed with quality of basement finish.

Step 3: Gut it

Step 4: Go from Colorado to Florida for work for 2 weeks. Have a problem with furnace and get whole house to freeze. Have 4 pipes burst and get to come back and fix the problem. Luckily my house didn’t flood. In these pics, you can see where the piping originally ran along the front edge of the house where it can get freeze the easiest. Since it burst there anyways, I rerouted the piping straight into the middle of the house then over to the center so there was minimum piping along the front.

Kitchen Knives v Wusthof Culinar

So anyone here have this set? I am goin to go check them out tomorrow and I’m thinkin about the 10 piece set at williams sonoma for 650 on sale, and with a free sharpener of some sort. I really like the all metal look.

My mom keeps tryin to get me to get the select etc or pro S series based on cost but I want something I enjoy even looking at to be in my kitchen for the next 5-10 years or whatever.

Anyone have an opinion?
do you actually have use for a 650 knife set? dont get me wrong, i have wusthoff knives, but a good chefs knife, a serrated knife and maybe a smaller paring knife will do 95%+ of all the jobs the average cook or even foodie might do at home

Quality knife recommendations?

My gf’s parents allowed me to stay at their place this summer so that I could live for free while working a pretty good job this summer. They love to cook..and as I gift, I was planning to purchase some high quality knives for them since that’s one thing that they don’t seem to have in their kitchen. I don’t know anything about the subject and though I’d look here for some recommendations.

I’d like a small set. Open to suggestions.
Right now I’m looking at companies such as

Is there such a thing as a quality, low maintenance kitchen knife?

I’m considering getting my parents some new knives as part of their Christmas because the knives they have are older than I am and are about as sharp as a butter knife. The problem is that while they aren’t destructive with their equipment, they are the type of people that don’t really want to do more with their knives than use them, clean them, and throw them in a drawer until the next use.

Is this a lost cause?

edit- I understand that nothing beats a well-sharpened knife. I suppose I’m looking for some sort of middle ground here.

ceramic knives

Trying to figure out whether the ceramic bladed knives are worth it? Seems like Kyocera is the bigger brand that makes em.

ANy ideas or preferences about these?
They are very nice and sharp as hell but you have to be careful because you can chip the blade. Do not ever try to cut bone with one and do not use any type of stone or other hard cutting board. Personally I don’t see the need for one although they are pretty cool.

Not any ceramic ones at this site but there are some incredible chefs knives.

Reno’d the kitchen- pic v. before and after

Took the last week off of work and completely gutted the kitchen and redid it. Not bad for my first time I think. There’s still a couple small details to take care of. Obviously before is on the right hand side.

Can anyone recommend a good stainless steel cleaner/polisher?

I really need to redo our kitchen, but that would include new flooring and the floor is no longer level. I fear the cost…

That’s an Ikea flat pack kitchen?

how to make apt/house smell good?

parents are visiting my apt for the first time next weekend… need to impress since they are always condescending to me. tried those sprays you can pick up at your local grocery store but they aren’t that good.

basically i need something relatively strong to get the smell of beer/chicken/ketchup out of here.
i’d start by making sure that you thoroughly clean the place. vacuum the carpets and floors, then steam clean the carpets and mop the floors. dust all of your furniture (use a cleaning polish). maybe get an air purifier if for whatever reason you’ve got "moist" air. also try out some air fresheners from bed bath and beyond.