Calphalon Pots/Pans

Are these any good? Anything better in their price range? Gotta stock the new kitchen this weekend and these are looking to be a good option.
Love my set I got from Target, just get some Calphalon cooking utensils to go along with then.
I ended up getting a 12 piece set. Bed Bath & Beyond had a special going, spend over 300 and get a $50.00 gift card, spend over $400.00 and get another calphalon pot. I’m very happy with mine so far. A little disappointed they’re not dishwasher safe but it’s a small price to pay.

Thinking about all-clad but…

Most of my frying pans and Saute pans are non-stick. I don’t like to cook with tons of olive oil and butter. With this be a huge problem if I switch to all-clad stainless? Does pam do the trick in stainless steel?

no, you will never recreate the "non stick" with something like pam, each pan has their own purpose.

Need help stocking a kitchen (Cutlery,Cookware, etc)

I will be moving into a new place soon and I want to get some nice kitchenware. I want to buy quality stuff that I will only need to buy ONCE. I am thinking that I atleast need:

Knife set w/ Steak knives – What is good?
Pot/pan set – What metals? Nonstick?
Quality cutting board – Wood or Plastic?
Blender – Cuisinart?
Mixer – Kitchenaid (artisan or pro?)
Kitchen Tools (shears, and other utensils)
Baking Tools (trays and such) – silicone stuff?

Reno’d the kitchen- pic v. before and after

Took the last week off of work and completely gutted the kitchen and redid it. Not bad for my first time I think. There’s still a couple small details to take care of. Obviously before is on the right hand side.

Can anyone recommend a good stainless steel cleaner/polisher?

I really need to redo our kitchen, but that would include new flooring and the floor is no longer level. I fear the cost…

That’s an Ikea flat pack kitchen?

Coffee Question

So the coffee at my work is REALLY horrible (one of those Flavia machines with "flavored" coffees etc) so I want to just make my own coffee. Here is the question: should I buy a french press or my own personal 4 cup coffee maker?

why do you say that?

Completely beer brewing kit for 600$

Assume I have no equipment at all, and i want to begin a home brew. Excluding the actual material for first batch, how can i best spend 500-600$

You can get a really good setup for that amount. That’s a lot of money for a beginner. As far as how to spend it, I would go to places like these to check things out:

well, i can spend UP to 600$ on it, then what is a good value kit in that price range? i dont want to "settle" for crap equipment