Anyone have a steel shed?

Been looking into getting a storage shed for my yard junk, and it would cost me too much to build from scratch right now. Anyone use one of those steel Arrow sheds from Sears or Lowes? Do they hold up pretty good?
Let me know how it goes I have one in a box to put up.

Thanks. I’m not too concerned about the looks. I live out in the boonies so it will be in the woods. I just don’t want to have it be all leaky or fall down in the first thunderstorm.

Cedar Planks…

How do I clean my planks after cooking on them? I’m scared to use soap because I don’t want it to absorb into the wood grain.

When I plank salmon it’s usually one go then they go into the fire. but that’s just me, also don’t buy those expensive "planking" cedar boards, if you can find a place that sells cedar roofing you can use those and they usually sell for about a buck a piece.

Just make sure the cedar shake shingles you buy don’t have any fire retardant chemicals applied to them.