Hard Water/Pipe Descaling

My g/f’s parents are convinced they need a water softener (even though they really can’t afford it) because they believe the salesman who says it will, among other things, help descale the water pipes very very quickly.

Will the water softener actually help descale the pipes? are there any better solutions?
Mississauga does have very hard water. softener is the best solution. you can try inline cartridge type ones instead of a whole house (bigger) at first, and see if it helps.

Let’s attempt to List Every Book You’ve EVER Read

I think it would be cool to have a thread where we list books we’ve read, and as we remember them we can come back and edit our list. We can also help each other figure out the names of books if we just remember the story, and use each others list to help remember. Anyways I’m going to start my own list, I’m sure it will take a while to remember most of them. If you participate you should keep your list in one post, and use other posts for discussion and such.
Unsorted Brainstorming

What are some good books to read on being a better salesman?

Something like salesdog.. any other good ones out there?
In for answers as well. I like reading these kinds of books.
books on rapport and NLP (neruo linguistic programming) are helpful. there is even an NLP for dummies i think….
What he said above me..

Zig Zigler makes some awesome books on selling. Helped me a ton
Thanks guys.. i’ll look into them. thanks for the suggestions.
Another thing, even if selling isn’t your thing you can still learn a lot from the ideas and reasoning Ziglar uses.