Need suggestions/help on tiling 4×7 area.

Need to redo laundry closet and maybe my bathroom if it’s not too hard. Im gonna see if there are any workshops at the home centers and read online how to do it. How easy is it to mess up? Both parts currently have linoleum with cement under it. Basically gonna redo most of the bathroom.

I want this

To turn into this

I certainly wouldn’t call tiling easy, but there are plenty of how-tos online

Like this one


Cheese Fondue question

ok, the wife loves fondue so i want to do a big ol fondue deal for anniversary.

i have main course handled but need any and all suggestions for cheese fondue and what types of things to use to dip in the fondue, are certain breads better or veggies etc, i have no damn clue other than some obvious things so any help appreciated.

i’ve done some good ole google searches so i have some receipes for fondue and things but would love any personal insights or suggestions you might have to give