Need suggestions/help on tiling 4×7 area.

Need to redo laundry closet and maybe my bathroom if it’s not too hard. Im gonna see if there are any workshops at the home centers and read online how to do it. How easy is it to mess up? Both parts currently have linoleum with cement under it. Basically gonna redo most of the bathroom.

I want this

To turn into this

I certainly wouldn’t call tiling easy, but there are plenty of how-tos online

Like this one


Must haves for any kitchen (ie, long lasting?)

What are the must have ingredients and equipment any moderately-geared kitchen should have? Cooking for yourself, family, and occasional guests. I’m asking about spices and such, things that you buy once and don’t have to replace until you run out. Like salt, pepper, paprika etc.

Moved into my apartment and after trying some of the recipes here, it feels like i’m always missing something basic
One of everything McCormick sells, except the premixed spice blends.
*colander (spaghetti strainer)

clogged toilet

Our upstairs toilet has been clogged for two days. I’ve been using a ball-type plunger, draino, and gallons of hot water but it still won’t flush completely. The water goes down but it doesn’t "flush" if you know what I mean. What else can I do besides call a plumber?
since the water is still making it down, plunge it when there is water in the bowl, keep plunging and keep flushing. eventually the blockage will clear because it istn a total block. any ideas as to what is stuck?