Inexpensive Furniture? Moving on Friday.

So I’m moving to Tallahassee on friday and I am having a hard time trying to find some nice inexpensive furniture for my new apartment. My main concern is getting a bed and a couch.

I do have money saved up, but I’m trying to go about this in a smart manner, so I don’t have $500 to be spending on a couch and another $500 to be spending on a bed.

Do you guys have any suggestions that might help me out…I’m coming up dry

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Recommend Some Kitchen Cabinets!

I am building a new house and want to buy semi-custom or modular cabinets for my kitchen (primarily because no one in the area that builds custom cabinets has any sense of quality). Is there anywhere online that I can go to order them that I won’t have to pay full retail for them? I don’t need them installed or measured, I just want to buy the modules. THANK YOU!
Nobody uses solid wood for cabinets anymore unless you want to pay a fortune therefore quality of anything relatively affordable will be the same. Home Depot etc usually sell the cabinet modules. You could always build them yourself. Ordering them online is probably not the best idea since any savings would be lost with shipping costs.

Shun Classic Series…any good?

I can pick these knives up for 20% of retail and was wondering if they are worth it? I currently have a Henkels Eversharp Pro knife set and needless to say i have better pocket knives.
before you buy them, see if you can find a store where you can try it out to make sure it feels right in your hand.

i also have the eversharp pro knife set and i hate them with such a passion. i like the weight and feel of the knives in my hand, but wtf were they thinking with that horrible micro-serration crap? all it does is tear everything apart. forget about cutting raw chicken because ever 2 passes you have to pull the meat out of the blade because the serrations get gunked up.