Tips on decorating my room(pics)

Alright, So I suck at decorating and need some help. I have this spare room that leads into my master bedroom. I really want it to be a place to just chill and relax. I’m pretty sure I am going to move the computer into the closet and get rid of the closet doors. So the desk I have will be gone. Unless you all come up with better ideas. The TV is 42" and I have the rear surround speakers already mounted near the ceiling. The plasma is mounted to the wall and I would prefer not to move it again but I can if needed. As I have the cable run down the wall to it already.

Cheese Fondue question

ok, the wife loves fondue so i want to do a big ol fondue deal for anniversary.

i have main course handled but need any and all suggestions for cheese fondue and what types of things to use to dip in the fondue, are certain breads better or veggies etc, i have no damn clue other than some obvious things so any help appreciated.

i’ve done some good ole google searches so i have some receipes for fondue and things but would love any personal insights or suggestions you might have to give

Can we get an OT cookbook?

I’m putting together a cookbook of some quick and easy recipes just so i have it handy. does anyone have the links to the good recipes?
My wife did an edu for cooking a chicken and how to use the leftovers to make a chicken pot pie. She had pics and everything. I tried searching for it but it looks like it is gone.
you’re already on the internet where there are thousands of cookbooks already available.
A cookbook from OT members would be interesting, my wife has a recipe for a cheap thai chicken I will ask her how she makes it and PM you/post it tonight/tomorrow.

basement reno has commenced…

ok, first off let me thank all you fine lads and lasses for all your help in the other thread

I will be updating this thread as the progress goes on…mods sticky this

the idea is :
-break the shit down…there’s a wall diving 2 rooms in my small basement, get rid of it
-reroute a pipe under the concreat
-reinsulate the whole thing and revapor barrier it, cause it’s done poorly
-finish it, make it sexy, watch hockey there with the boys…already got a nice LCD I’m eyeing