Fight Club – Palahniuk

I was wondering if anyone had a copy of Fight Club in .pdf or .txt format. I’m laid up due to knee surgery and can’t drive or walk to the local library to grab a copy. Finals week is coming up and i could definitely use the distraction from studying and the knee. Thanks
Also, if anyone has read any other books by Palahniuk? Which ones are worth reading?

Diary was great.

Can we get an OT cookbook?

I’m putting together a cookbook of some quick and easy recipes just so i have it handy. does anyone have the links to the good recipes?
My wife did an edu for cooking a chicken and how to use the leftovers to make a chicken pot pie. She had pics and everything. I tried searching for it but it looks like it is gone.
you’re already on the internet where there are thousands of cookbooks already available.
A cookbook from OT members would be interesting, my wife has a recipe for a cheap thai chicken I will ask her how she makes it and PM you/post it tonight/tomorrow.

warOT Sci Fi readers or listeners…Free Stars audibook or pdf

Excuse the title of post …no idea wtf happened

Didnt know were to put it……

Free (book 1) Audiobook or pdf

You were just so excited about this that you messed up the title?

Writing A Book?

For any writers out there that write stories or books, what software do you use? Microsoft Word?

Are there any other alternatives?
not sure how helpful wizards are for the brainstorming process
I use word, I’ve written quite a few short stories (none published, but w/e)


Amazon Kindle

Anybody else have one?

Got one for my birthday and I’m absolutely loving it so far The readability is great, the wireless link for buying books is super easy with decent price points. I’ve got a business trip coming up next week and am looking forward to brining it instead of a couple of books.

The page refresh was a bit off putting at first, but I soon found a rythm of hitting the next page button as I’m reading the last line of the current page, so now the refresh happens as I’m moving my eyes back to the top of the page and I don’t really notice the refresh anymore. The one weak spot I’ve noticed so far is that you can’t add a folder structure to organize your reading material. All your books go in to you books folder. Not a big deal now as I’ve only downloaded 10, but I can see that getting cumbersome as I add more titles.