Painting the baby’s room in stripes-need advice

I’ve never painted stripes on a wall before. Do I just lay down the main color (The stripes will be different widths), wait for it to dry and then lay out the stripes with painter’s tape? Is there any other way to do it or an easier way to do it? Thanks!
I used the painters tape in my son’s room- you want to take it down while the paint is wet or it pulls the paint up, or at least it did in my son’s room. Good luck!!

I had a similar experience with just doing trim. Pulling it up while the paint is wet is important.

major garage reno. lots of pics

So Ive pretty much re-done every other area/room in the house except the garage. Its been bugging me for a long time. The walls had alot of holes in them and the old cabinets and brown peg board made it look pretty shitty. Also my brother is an electrician so everytime we re-do a room he’s upgraded the electric and ran new circuits because the whole house was originally done on like 3 circuits so this led to lots of wire being run from the panel through the garage into various parts of the house, so a main thing I wanted to accomplish was to cover all that mess up and put in new and less cabinets (since most of the old cabinets were filled with crap anyway and took up alot of space.)