major garage reno. lots of pics

So Ive pretty much re-done every other area/room in the house except the garage. Its been bugging me for a long time. The walls had alot of holes in them and the old cabinets and brown peg board made it look pretty shitty. Also my brother is an electrician so everytime we re-do a room he’s upgraded the electric and ran new circuits because the whole house was originally done on like 3 circuits so this led to lots of wire being run from the panel through the garage into various parts of the house, so a main thing I wanted to accomplish was to cover all that mess up and put in new and less cabinets (since most of the old cabinets were filled with crap anyway and took up alot of space.)

basement reno has commenced…

ok, first off let me thank all you fine lads and lasses for all your help in the other thread

I will be updating this thread as the progress goes on…mods sticky this

the idea is :
-break the shit down…there’s a wall diving 2 rooms in my small basement, get rid of it
-reroute a pipe under the concreat
-reinsulate the whole thing and revapor barrier it, cause it’s done poorly
-finish it, make it sexy, watch hockey there with the boys…already got a nice LCD I’m eyeing

Decorating around a vent in the wall

Any suggestions how to decorate around this vent to take attention away from it?

I can’t think of anything…
looks fine, I think you’re bringing attention to it, only thing I can think of is painting it the same color as the wall

Oddly enough, I never even thought of that.

Removing paint from brick? Need advice

I just moved into a new apartment that has a fair amount of exposed brick. The only problem is it’s painted over in white. Would the best way to go about it be paint thinner and a chipper? How messy/long would this process be?

I have no clue I’ve never had to remove paint before.


Bedroom remodel job

New bedroom in our circa 1901 loft apartment. Designed and built the whole thing myself with the help of a friend. It was just a big cavernous room without any of the closets or fancy trim. Made all of the plaster heads and other ornamental trim myself. There are closets for folded clothes, hanging cloths, washer and dryer, and one for my old lady’s shoes. The room is divided by a long and narrow closet with a door on each end. You can see the ends of it in some off the pictures. Painting is still in progress. My own den of sin. Whaddayathink???

Painting kithcen cabinet crew?

Old oak.

Painting white rather than replacing or restaining (don’t try to convince me otherwise – already made color scheme choices around it)..




Prime (oil based)

Paint (oil based kitchen and bath)


Paint (same)



(wet sand)

Too much sanding? I need a specific brush for oil based versus the latex we’ve used in the rest of the house, right?

Painting concrete furniture

I’ve got some concrete lawn furniture that is in desperate need of a repaint. It still has some old paint on it and I’m just wondering what the process is.
I would powerwash it to clean as much old paint and dirt off as possible before repainting.

Help me fixup my future "Man Room"

Update 5/28 – scroll down for pics

This room is going to be dedicated as a man room. Basically it’s a room where I can escape from "teh wife" and play some video games/use the computer. I’m also going to be setting up a 5.1 surround sound for playing music off my computer

It currently has wood paneling covering the bottom half of the wall and is painted YELLOW up top

I want to tear it out and just paint it one solid color, but some people are telling me if I select another color up top that it will look better.

Plumbing help?

First things first, I’m a complete newb with plumbing. So, please give me a break if I’m not using the correct terminology.

I’m replacing the sink in my bathroom. I put the new sink in with a new faucet, but now the drain in the sink doesn’t line up the same with the trap pipe underneath. What can I do to get the new drain connected?

Quick description: I have what appears to be (white) PVC pipe coming from the wall for waste. It is currently connected to a (black) ABS p-trap which is now about 2" away from the new drain. The original drain was right in front of the waste pipe in the wall. The new one has shifted slightly away from the wall and slightly to the right which is preventing the connection from lining up.