so, you want to epoxy your garage floor, eh? Look inside.

I did this a year ago. Turned out great. A few tips.

– I used the Rustoleum brand. The "2 car garage" box was enough for my 2-car garage. Amazing, eh? I even put it on relatively thick.

– make sure you can’t see concrete after you roll it. you should only need one coat.

– BE EASY ON THE CONFETTI. YOU WILL RUN OUT BEFORE YOU COVER THE WHOLE FLOOR. I had to go up to Home Depot and bribe them out of another bag of the stuff. I don’t suggest that. It comes with 2 bags, and that should be enough. I put too much on.

Apartment improvement :hs:

I’m moving into a new apartment on the 24th, and through lighting/furnishings I’d like to give the place a nice, dim-lit lounge atmosphere. I was going to just get drapes for the windows so I could have the necessary control over this.

My problem is that interior decorating guides and books are of no use to me. They all assume I have all the control I want over my floors and paint, then pretty much neglect to delve into decorations and furniture altogether. I’m not really confident that I can pull this off just right on my own. How would I go about getting more information on something like that? Actually hiring an interior decorator sounds way above my budget, but I haven’t really looked into it because of that.

how do i patch up my ceiling?

afew months ago i had a small leak in my bathroom which caused water to make my downstairs ceiling damp. the water ran along the joints in the plasterboard. i got someone in to remove the soggy plaster, patch it up and repaint. I wasn’t in when he did this so i don’t know what he did.

now, as the plasterboard has dried out, the new paint etc has cracked and need patching again.

I can scrape off all the old paint and crap, but i wonder how to make the joint invisible.


help finishing stairs and landings?

im at a dilemma.. hope someone can shed some light.

there are a set of stairs going from 1st to 2nd floor that were covered in carpet. its a newer construction (1995), and workmanship wasnt the highest of quality. plywood was used everywhere under all carpets. now, for floors, i plan on adding hardwood directly on top. thats straight forward. the problem is withthe stairs and 2 landings.

first – the treads are pine(?), with a lot of paint overspray, but i am sanding, then staining and polyeurethaning them, with white risers and ballisters. downside is that they are framed (dadoed?), so no exposed sides. this will have to stay for now, i cant afford to redo the entire staircase. i think once done, itll be a big improvement over the carpet.

Hay guys, I bought a townhouse

You’re going to see me here more often now as the house need a lot of cosmetic work. I’m a noob so this is going to be my first project house (ie project car). I want to do so many things to it but so far i only painted one of the bedroom…looks like ass too. Didn’t know u need to primer white spackle… Didn’t sand some of the lump & bumps on the wall down…etc..

These are the before pics with previous owner junk in it.

(i’ve replaced the toilet seat with hardwood)

Paint Help :wtc:

Yeahhhh, so I’m in the process of redoing our bathroom, and I’m a gnat’s pube hair away from hiring Mexicans from Home Depot to redo it. Anyways, the original douchebags used a flat paint in the bathroom, and of course it started peeling off the wall. I figured I could just sand it, prime it, and paint it. Well, now that the paint is dry, it looks like complete dog shit, all uneven from where the old paint was and where it flaked off. Do I have to basically sand the entire thing down and start over, or is there any other options?

What color is your trim in your house

I am in the process of repainting the inside of a house I just bought. My mother swears that trim (baseboards, door frames, window sills) are either to be white or raw wood and nothing else. A quick glance of pics on realty sites seem to bear this out. Is it accurate? Some trim in this house is painted different colors. I don’t particularly want white. I painted my bedroom a darker desert hue and would like a dark bronze for trim along with switch and socket plates and light fixtures. She thinks I’m nuts. What say you?

Painted stained wood?

My window ledges and trim around my house are all a basic wooden stained color.

If I wanted them all to be white, would it look tacky for me to sand them all down and paint them?
just prime and paint, but, once you paint em, itll be near impossible to bring back the natural beauty of the wood. (assuming its real wood under the ‘stain color’)

yeah, its not really that hard to paint over wood, no matter what it looks like

Cost of finishing a basement?

My fiancee and I have been house hunting, we found one has that we liked, its perfect except for the basement is not finished. The price is right though, so Im wondering how much it would cost to finish the basement? Right now there is a finished bedroom there, but the rest of the basement ~8-900 sq. feet would need walls framed, electricity ran, and of course a sheetrock and a ceiling installed. Im pretty sure that if we had someone frame the walls/run the electrical i could hang the drywall and put in the electrical outlets/etc. Basically I guess, I’d like to know the cost of framing all the walls and running the wiring. Im hoping it can be done for under ~10,000

My weekend project – fireplace mantle

The old brown mantle has been bugging me forever, so this weekend I built a new one with MDF, some crown molding and a little trim. Still needs final coat of paint, though.

Nice! Great little weekend project. IN for finished pics.
Looks pretty good.

Now go get some muratic acid and clean those bricks on the fireplace surround.
great job on the mantle, now you need to redo the brick fasca with some nice marble.