Painting the baby’s room in stripes-need advice

I’ve never painted stripes on a wall before. Do I just lay down the main color (The stripes will be different widths), wait for it to dry and then lay out the stripes with painter’s tape? Is there any other way to do it or an easier way to do it? Thanks!
I used the painters tape in my son’s room- you want to take it down while the paint is wet or it pulls the paint up, or at least it did in my son’s room. Good luck!!

I had a similar experience with just doing trim. Pulling it up while the paint is wet is important.

Smoke smell in apartment

I just moved into a new place and didn’t notice it when I toured the place, but one of the bedrooms smells like smoke. They replaced the carpet and painted the walls, yet the smell remains.

I put in one of those heated oil air fresheners, I hit it up daily with some Frebreze-type shit and leave the doors to the balcony open when I’m home, but it’s still there. Any tips?
You should’ve told them to give you the money and you’d replace the carpet yourself. Chances are they probably didn’t replace the padding.

Master bathroom reno.. installing a heat lamp

Here is the master bathroom. The walls have never been painted other than when it was built. The plans include paint and new flooring. Nothing crazy like new shower or toilet.

I want to install a heat lamp. Does anyone have any experience with them? Should I go with 1 bulb or 2 bulb? Electric wiring does not faze me, so wiring them up and cutting the hole in the ceiling is not an issue.

I also want to put in a new showerhead.

I want to put some sort of organizer to the left of the shower where we can put toiletries and towels.

Removing Baseboards and Carpet

what tools do i need to remove baseboards and carpet? i plan on replacing my carpet with tile.

any tips/tricks to keep in mind for the removal?

what tools do i need to remove baseboards and carpet? i plan on replacing my carpet with tile.
I need help with choosing a paint colors to match my ugly yellow kitchen.

I am trying to sell my house & the biggest setback I have is my kitchen. If I had the money & time, I would totaly demolish it & start fresh, but that isnt an option. What I have is this fake paneling that is supposed to look like tile going aroung the lower half of the walls. There are a few pieces that have fallen off, but I can replace them easy. The problem is, the cabnits & all of the trim is also yellow. What can I paint the cabnits & trim to have it look halfway decent?

Mr. Clean Magic Erasers WORK!

Just last week I discovered the Mr. Cleam Magic Eraser, I thought they were just a gimmick but for $1.99 I bought two. I used them on the walls and scuff marks. Then I went out to my car and used it on my dash board where I had some really bad black rubber streeks on my tan interior and it came RIGHT OFF! These little pieces of crazy white foam are amazing! Seriously worth the 2 bucks!
shit i might try that then, my wifes car has some rubber scuffs from when we tried to load a too big office chair in a box into a too small two door

Need suggestions/help on tiling 4×7 area.

Need to redo laundry closet and maybe my bathroom if it’s not too hard. Im gonna see if there are any workshops at the home centers and read online how to do it. How easy is it to mess up? Both parts currently have linoleum with cement under it. Basically gonna redo most of the bathroom.

I want this

To turn into this

I certainly wouldn’t call tiling easy, but there are plenty of how-tos online

Like this one


home reno project – tiling

so to give you a brief deal of what’s going on…bought this place 1 year ago, need to sell to buy a bigger house, was going to throw a coat of paint on it to call it a day (ugliest colors ever, last owner lacked taste, and we never bothered to paint it), but my father in law offered to help us do serious renovations, so I said sure I suck at working with my hands (except with the ladiez of course ), but I learn quick

so it begins:

we ripped up the linolium that was in there…and there was the sticky paper under it, and we didn’t want to sand, so we started scraping with a scraper… this took a while

Mounting an LCD

I’m thinking of a 40" LCD that I want to mount on the wall.

The problem is I’m having trouble tracking down a good mount that doesn’t cost a LOT. I’ve been looking at Peerless but it seems they are $280+. The mount they have I really really want is like $583.

Mainly what I’m looking for is what that tilts up and down but also has some side tilt movement to it because I won’t be watching from directly infront of where the TV is mounted so I want it off the wall at a slight angle.