Need suggestions/help on tiling 4×7 area.

Need to redo laundry closet and maybe my bathroom if it’s not too hard. Im gonna see if there are any workshops at the home centers and read online how to do it. How easy is it to mess up? Both parts currently have linoleum with cement under it. Basically gonna redo most of the bathroom.

I want this

To turn into this

I certainly wouldn’t call tiling easy, but there are plenty of how-tos online

Like this one


Making my room less childish?

Hi all.
I have a REALLY childish room, and I hate it. I don’t want to paint it, as that’s already happening at some point, but apart from that, any general ideas, like when a kid goes from kid to teen, what did you do? What did, if you have them, your kids do?
I’ve though tidying up, taking down all my posters, minus my metallic spiderman one, buddah one and brown one, putting all my crap under my bed etc. But any other ideas?
I NEED more storage, I have more books and DVD’s then I have shelf space, and it’s rediculous, any ideas?