Seared Ahi

Feeling a bit adventurous, so for dinner Saturday night I made an entree of Seared Ahi. It was probably the best $10.00 I ever spent, especially considering what it would of cost for two portions at a restaurant.

Started with a 3/4 lb cut of sashimi grade ahi
cut into two pieces
made a mixture of coarse ground pepper, seasoned pepper, sesame seeds and sea salt
2 tbsp of olive oil in a skillet
heated the skillet until the olive oil started to smoke
coated both sides of the tuna with the spice mix

any recipies that use lots of onions?

my parents gave me a 5lb bag of onions and I know I’m not going to be able to use them all before they spoil. any recipies that use lots of onions?
How about eating just the onion?

Preheat oven to 350F. Cut the ends off of the onion, then in half. Mix bread crumbs with olive oil just enough for them to get mangled up. Add ogreano. Then mix it until firm. Put some butter on the onions, then the bread crumbs. Then put some paramesen cheese on top. Bake for 30-45 mins.
Slice the onions, cook on low heat in olive oil until they carmelize. Toss in a dash of rice wine vinegar and some salt and pepper. Chop up a cup of fresh cranberries and saute those too. Let that cool a bit, then mix it up with some grated romano or mozza cheese. Spoon all this onto melba toast (or your choice of crackers) and bake under a broiler until the cheese bubbles.

Dinner party?

So i decided to have about 5 people over on sunday (7 including me and the gf) any suggestions on what i should make? i was thinking maybe a roast, or a ham or something along those lines… i really dont feel that inventive this week… any help would be appreciated
lasagne, salad, bread cake from a bakery if you don’t make dessert

antipasto salad, risotto w/ chicken, bread


enchiladas, rice + beans, veggies
Pork roast, stuffed shells, make-your-own tacos, pork chops.

anyone ever had lamb before?

I bought a semi-boneless halved lamb leg…basically its a 1 pound piece of meat with a leg bone in the middle from a lamb. I’ve always wanted to try lamb, because in movies and stuff its considered "luxury". anyway, what should I be expecting, what should it taste like? Any cooking ideas? I’m thinking of just sprinkling on salt and pepper and baking it on a rack in the oven.
How good the lamb is will depend on how well you cook it, just like all meat. Of course, you can get lamb that isn’t fresh, but I’ll just assume you got some good stuff.

Simple goat cheese pasta

This is one of my favorite recipes to make, it so easy but tastes absolutely incredible!

8 roma tomatoes
1 red pepper
1 green pepper
3 cloves garlic
8 Fresh basil leaves finely chopped
100G of herb goat cheese
1 Family sized package of Penne noodles

Dice the tomatoes, peppers and garlic.
keep tomatoes in a seperate bowl to be added to the pasta later
cook the pasta and sautee the peppers and garlic together until they are tender. finely chop the basil

Christmas Party Season

I don’t know if there are any other vegans on this forum, but if there are, then you know how hard the Christmas season can be. With Christmas parties and dinners and New Year’s, lot’s of nonveg friendly foods abound. One rule of thumb, I always bring a dish to every party that I go to. For one, you will appear to be a gracious guest and two, you will ensure that there is something that you can eat at the party. I commonly like to bring something that can serve as a main dish when served up with bread, veggies, salad, etc., but can also be eaten as a snack food. One of my favorites is spinach pie. You can make little individual pies with hummus dip on the side and this will fill you up, but other guests can have one or two as an appetizer.

now THIS is how you make a cheap, easy, and healty dinner. **PICS**

made a little ‘orange chicken’ stirfry last night. VERY simple.

take 2-3 boneless/skinless chicken breasts – cut ’em up into ~1" cubes. Marinate them with 2 tbsp rice wine, and 2 tbsp corn starch. let ’em marinate for 30 minutes.

sauce: ~1/2cup OJ, 2tbsp soy sauce, 1tsp sesame oil (yum), 2tsp brown sugar, 1tsp chili oil or flakes. I put a tbsp of corn starch in the sauce as well – really helps to thicken it up. If you like more orange flavor (this just has a hint of orange), put some orange marmelade in the sauce. that’ll really kick it up a notch

Vodka cream pasta sauce??

I have found this in stores and its really ok, but I would like a recipie for making it from scratch. Its just the red pasta sauce and I know you add vodka and cream and parmesan cheese but don’t know the amounts to add. Any suggestions??
you like that stuff? I got a jar once and thought it tasted like crap, maybe the home made stuff is better? I’ll see if I can find a recipe.

I usually don’t care much for the bottled sauces, but this one I bought was ok. Can’t remember what brand though- I just know it was really thick. I put it over cheese ravioli with Italian sausage and mozz. cheese on top, and yeah it was pretty good, but I’m sure the homemede stuff is better. It usually is!!

EDU: How to make a real Italian sandwich.

So forget that greasy sloppy mess between to pieces of plain bread. This is how you make a sandwich.

First thing is get yourself some real meat, not some pre-packaged shit. For the first one we’ll use some mortadella, provalone, prosciutto and sopresatta. and get good meat and cheese, its not that much more money for a decent brand.

now everything else, some good and fresh european sandwich rolls, some arugula, a tomato, some good oilve oil (i use some homemade oil but you can get pretty good stuff almost anywhere)

healthy meal I made tonight

This is actually an altered rachel ray, her version is (IMO) too complicated and turns out crappy, I changed it

1 pound extra lean pork loin (you can buy the kind with 2, and make 2, up to you)
Fresh rosemary
olive oil
balsamic vinegar
whole garlic cloves, peeled and cracked (easier to buy the prepeeled ones, you just crack them with the side of a knife)
pepper grinder

take a rectangle casserole dish and line it with foil on all sides, makes for really easy clean up