Must haves for any kitchen (ie, long lasting?)

What are the must have ingredients and equipment any moderately-geared kitchen should have? Cooking for yourself, family, and occasional guests. I’m asking about spices and such, things that you buy once and don’t have to replace until you run out. Like salt, pepper, paprika etc.

Moved into my apartment and after trying some of the recipes here, it feels like i’m always missing something basic
One of everything McCormick sells, except the premixed spice blends.
*colander (spaghetti strainer)

Cooking crew: how do you keep a chocolate cookie coating from melting on your fingers

I’ve got an awesome thin mint recipe and have made two batches of them, making a couple modifications to the recipe. One problem I still haven’t figured out is the chocolate coating. The recipe calls for bittersweet chocolate melted with a tiny amount of vegetable oil. The cookies are then dipped and the chocolate allowed to harden. Even if you serve the cookies refrigerated, chocolate gets all over your fingers. Anyone have any ideas on how to raise the melting point of the coating?


Thinking about all-clad but…

Most of my frying pans and Saute pans are non-stick. I don’t like to cook with tons of olive oil and butter. With this be a huge problem if I switch to all-clad stainless? Does pam do the trick in stainless steel?

no, you will never recreate the "non stick" with something like pam, each pan has their own purpose.

Need help stocking a kitchen (Cutlery,Cookware, etc)

I will be moving into a new place soon and I want to get some nice kitchenware. I want to buy quality stuff that I will only need to buy ONCE. I am thinking that I atleast need:

Knife set w/ Steak knives – What is good?
Pot/pan set – What metals? Nonstick?
Quality cutting board – Wood or Plastic?
Blender – Cuisinart?
Mixer – Kitchenaid (artisan or pro?)
Kitchen Tools (shears, and other utensils)
Baking Tools (trays and such) – silicone stuff?

Painting kithcen cabinet crew?

Old oak.

Painting white rather than replacing or restaining (don’t try to convince me otherwise – already made color scheme choices around it)..




Prime (oil based)

Paint (oil based kitchen and bath)


Paint (same)



(wet sand)

Too much sanding? I need a specific brush for oil based versus the latex we’ve used in the rest of the house, right?

Sanding and Laquering Hardwood floors, help

Hey all,

I’m not sure if this would be the best forum to post this question in (mods can move it if you want).

Me and my wife run a small dance studio with two rooms that are about 900 sq ft each (1800 total).

They have hardwood floating floors and need repolished badly.

We have received quotes to do the work at around $2,500-$3,000 and I called home depot and they rent out a sander for $57/day.

My thoughts are that I may be able to do this myself (I have some decent handyman knowhow).