Christmas Party Season

I don’t know if there are any other vegans on this forum, but if there are, then you know how hard the Christmas season can be. With Christmas parties and dinners and New Year’s, lot’s of nonveg friendly foods abound. One rule of thumb, I always bring a dish to every party that I go to. For one, you will appear to be a gracious guest and two, you will ensure that there is something that you can eat at the party. I commonly like to bring something that can serve as a main dish when served up with bread, veggies, salad, etc., but can also be eaten as a snack food. One of my favorites is spinach pie. You can make little individual pies with hummus dip on the side and this will fill you up, but other guests can have one or two as an appetizer.

Basement Finishing – Questions

Hey there,

Anyone feel like answering this question.

I have an unfinished basement that I need to put a subfloor down on. The basement is concrete slab right now, and while there are load bearing walls, there is no framing currently up for the interior walls.

I intend to put 1" rigid foam covered by 5/8 plywood overtop, tapcon screwed into the floor (a la Mike Holmes), but am unsure whether I should first frame my walls (and get them sprayfoamed) or if I should put down the floor, and then frame up my walls on top of the subfloor.