Cheap and easy way to cook a chicken breast?

I didn’t eat meat for nearly 15 years. Never been much of a cook. But I’m trying to start actually cooking things that don’t go from a box to a microwave.

I’m sure actually cooking the thing isn’t complicated, but I have no idea what to put on it… how long to cook it, etc.
get the george foreman grill. Best grill ever for non-cooks.

Just grill for a few minutes and cut into it to see if its done in the middle.
I guess I’m looking more for how to flavor it.

EDU (Cooking): Easy Chili

I like my chili bean free (or low in bean content). Add some beans if you please. You can also add diced tomatoes if you like.


1 green pepper
1 red pepper
1 onion
1 anaheim pepper
1 12oz can of tomato paste
1 package of Carroll Shelby’s Chili
2lbs ground beef

Chop up all the veggies and throw them in a lightly oiled pan to get them saut?ed and soft.

Throw them in another pot (I used a crock pot but a big stove pot works just as well).

Must haves for any kitchen (ie, long lasting?)

What are the must have ingredients and equipment any moderately-geared kitchen should have? Cooking for yourself, family, and occasional guests. I’m asking about spices and such, things that you buy once and don’t have to replace until you run out. Like salt, pepper, paprika etc.

Moved into my apartment and after trying some of the recipes here, it feels like i’m always missing something basic
One of everything McCormick sells, except the premixed spice blends.
*colander (spaghetti strainer)