My project (lots of pics)

Step 1: Buy house.

Step 2: Get annoyed with quality of basement finish.

Step 3: Gut it

Step 4: Go from Colorado to Florida for work for 2 weeks. Have a problem with furnace and get whole house to freeze. Have 4 pipes burst and get to come back and fix the problem. Luckily my house didn’t flood. In these pics, you can see where the piping originally ran along the front edge of the house where it can get freeze the easiest. Since it burst there anyways, I rerouted the piping straight into the middle of the house then over to the center so there was minimum piping along the front.

home reno project – tiling

so to give you a brief deal of what’s going on…bought this place 1 year ago, need to sell to buy a bigger house, was going to throw a coat of paint on it to call it a day (ugliest colors ever, last owner lacked taste, and we never bothered to paint it), but my father in law offered to help us do serious renovations, so I said sure I suck at working with my hands (except with the ladiez of course ), but I learn quick

so it begins:

we ripped up the linolium that was in there…and there was the sticky paper under it, and we didn’t want to sand, so we started scraping with a scraper… this took a while

floating hardwood on top of laminate?

Stupid question…

I’m installing a nice new engineered hardwood throughout the first floor of my house. Today I ripped out all of the carpet, broke up some old tile, etc. Good stuff.

In our dining room and hallway, the previous owners installed a pergo laminate floor. I had planned on ripping this up too.

However, upon ripping up the carpet, I have discovered a really old plank hardwood floor. It’s not in bad shape…

I had decided to just go over the plank hardwood, and use it as an isulating layer. I went as far as screwing the squeeky areas down so they don’t squeek anymore…

an indoor plant impossible for me to kill?

it’s for my desk at work – i need soething to glance over at when my eyes are burning out of their sockets from the computer screen

i’ve killed every houseplant i’ve ever had

anyone know of a good one?

i could always just pick a random one and post of pic of it in about a month or two, lol, that might be kinda funny


How about a bamboo plant? They’re beautiful and easy to take care of – just stand them in a few inches of water and keep the water fresh. They’re easy to find too – I see them sold at the mall and lot’s of other places.


I could use a little advice shopping for washers/dryers.

What is the advantage of a front-load washer over a top-load?

What should I be looking for when I purchase a washer/dryer?

I want to keep it under $2500 for sure but I think I can get a great combo for $2000 or less. Gas Dryer.


That with matching dryer would be < $2500. Can I get an equally great combo for less?

Pedestal do anything other than raise the height of the unit? They’re going in my unfinished basement anyhow (I’d get white ones to save money) and considering I run a construction company I can have my welder build me a pedestal for nothing if I really want them raised.