Seared Ahi

Feeling a bit adventurous, so for dinner Saturday night I made an entree of Seared Ahi. It was probably the best $10.00 I ever spent, especially considering what it would of cost for two portions at a restaurant.

Started with a 3/4 lb cut of sashimi grade ahi
cut into two pieces
made a mixture of coarse ground pepper, seasoned pepper, sesame seeds and sea salt
2 tbsp of olive oil in a skillet
heated the skillet until the olive oil started to smoke
coated both sides of the tuna with the spice mix

Whats the type of cut of steak and where to buy?

What are the best cuts of steak? And where are the best places to order it online?
I like Ribeye which is a Chuck – Blade cut.

I would never buy meat without seeing and smelling it first.
Rib Eye is my favorite also. The ones they sell at the grocery store are most of the time "Select" grade steaks or some times you will get "Choice." "Prime" is the highest grade steak and this is what you get at most of the high end steak houses. Many of the large chain steakhouses carry "Choice" steak. Rib Eye is great because it has high marbalization (fat) in the meat that make it more flavorful IMO. Check this out.

Making Jerky
I got a home jerky making kit for xmas and yesterday i attempted to make some out of ground deer meat. I mixed and cooked it per the directions yet the flavor is lacking, and for some reason it all stuck to the cooking rack.

anybody do this and have some advice?

I never had a problem with it sticking to the rack. How did you use ground meat for jerky?

How did you dry the meat out? I used an oven a few times and, while it takes awhile, works well. Can also look up some recipes online for seasoning for jerky.

Mail Order Steaks

Anyone here order steaks through the mail?

I always thought it was a little odd and couldn’t be that goood, but while visiting my brother he grilled up some filets that he had ordered from Kansas City Steaks. (He said he had also tried Omaha steakes, but the Kansas City filets were better.) Anyway, they were amazing. Better than I’ve had from most restaurants. I’d say on par with Ruth’s Chris. What’s really cool is they are flash frozen and individually packaged so they can be stored in the freezer without risk of any ill effects. This way you also don’t have to find a good butcher and then drive over every time you feel like grilling up a steak.