anyone ever had lamb before?

I bought a semi-boneless halved lamb leg…basically its a 1 pound piece of meat with a leg bone in the middle from a lamb. I’ve always wanted to try lamb, because in movies and stuff its considered "luxury". anyway, what should I be expecting, what should it taste like? Any cooking ideas? I’m thinking of just sprinkling on salt and pepper and baking it on a rack in the oven.
How good the lamb is will depend on how well you cook it, just like all meat. Of course, you can get lamb that isn’t fresh, but I’ll just assume you got some good stuff.

EDU: How to make a real Italian sandwich.

So forget that greasy sloppy mess between to pieces of plain bread. This is how you make a sandwich.

First thing is get yourself some real meat, not some pre-packaged shit. For the first one we’ll use some mortadella, provalone, prosciutto and sopresatta. and get good meat and cheese, its not that much more money for a decent brand.

now everything else, some good and fresh european sandwich rolls, some arugula, a tomato, some good oilve oil (i use some homemade oil but you can get pretty good stuff almost anywhere)

Cheap and easy way to cook a chicken breast?

I didn’t eat meat for nearly 15 years. Never been much of a cook. But I’m trying to start actually cooking things that don’t go from a box to a microwave.

I’m sure actually cooking the thing isn’t complicated, but I have no idea what to put on it… how long to cook it, etc.
get the george foreman grill. Best grill ever for non-cooks.

Just grill for a few minutes and cut into it to see if its done in the middle.
I guess I’m looking more for how to flavor it.

Need tips for cooking a pork loin…

My mother used to cook a pork loin once and a while. I’d alway make sandwiches with it for a week. My mom died four years ago and I can’t find a recipe.

I know she didn’t marinate or dry rub it. Probably barely seasoned it at all. I found one recipe that calls for rubbing it with salt, pepper, and garlic. I’m probably going to do that one since we’re going to be using the leftovers for sandwiches.

My main concern is cooking it. Some recipes say seer each side for 3 minutes before roasting. Some say rub a little olive oil before putting in the over. Some say turn it occasionally so it browns on all sides, other say put a little water on the bottom of the pan to prevent charring.

Egg White Pasta?

Hello. I’m cross-posting this from F&N for more "culinary" input.

I’m trying to lose some weight, not via a strict diet that I likely won’t stick to, but by making healthy changes that I’m willing to live with long term. I’ve been thumbing through some of my favorite recipes in my mind over the last few days, and thought about pasta. I LOVE making fettucini and ravioli on occasion, but I always use whole eggs.

Would just egg-whites work? Would I need to add a little olive oil to give the pasta some fat? Would a little 1/2 and 1/2 or milk do the trick?