Book Reviews and Recommendations

I figured that I would start writing brief summaries/reviews on some of the books that I read in order that other people may find literature that interests them. I am not that well read, but I have been reading significant amounts as of late. Try and spare me criticism, especially since taste is obviously a personal matter. I will try and contribute reviews of books as I read them and go back to books I have already read, but it is all dependent upon time. Some will likely be longer than others. Feel free to contribute any thoughts on books or recommendations of books for me to read.

Limo for Prom

I gums hurt. I have 2 canker sores in my mouth. I had one last week and now I have two more and I don’t know where they?re coming from. I’ve been putting Oraljel on them so it doesn’t hurt as much. It might be my retainers rubbing too because there not on the inner lip, there on my gum below my teeth.

I got asked to go in someone?s limo today for Prom. She said it was only like $40 per person, which is cheap but I don’t think we will go. Dee asked us to go in there limo for free but I’m not sure about that ether. I’m just afraid they’ll want to go somewhere with the limo and we will be suck without a ride or will be suck at Eric’s apartment with them fucking or something. I don’t think there going to the post prom party though. Plus we have to be at Raindancer at 5:30 so I’m not sure if well ride with them. But then again it?s free. Doug found 3 people to ride in our limo for Guilderland with us; we need one more person now (6 passenger). We might go to Great Escape the day after his prom though. I’ll probably get a season pass this year again.

Oh I got one of those stick on back-less bras this weekend for my one dresses because it is open in the back. I also got a shawl that matches almost perfectly to my pink dress and a tiara.

I went to Doug’s school yesterday. The whole school is one big circle, there?s never an end to the hallways. They just continue forever. I can’t even tell what side of the building I?m on. I look out the window and all I see is another side of the school. The classes are so long though, there like 1:30 long. I told him I would bring him to BP some day he didn’t have school.

Doug got me a basket of candy in little plastic eggs and a BIG 3 or 4 foot bunny, which I?m not sure where to put right now. I got him a watch and some peeps for Easter. His mommy got us a box of the 40 flavored Jelly Belly jellybeans. She also brought back a turtle that have a magnetic belly and arms/legs and a key chain with the letter “S” on it from Las Vegas. Doug felt bad for forgetting to tell me to bring down something nice to wear for church on Sunday so he bought me a tee shirt at Bobs. Sammy sent me 6 packs of crispy M&M and a stuff chicken that?s legs and wings move! Thank you Sammy. Sammy lives in NH. My mom also sent me $20 and 3 rings.

I got a 93 on my English presentation.

Dee has this huge red mark around her lips. She says its because she has sensitive skin and Eric’s beard makes it turn red. Well I heard today I guess it was because of her giving head to Eric with a condom on. I guess its something about you can get pregnant by giving head or something. Untrue, 1. the month doesn’t lead in anyway to the egg 2. they cant swim that far before they die 3. the stomach acid will kill them. Still believes I got drunk at that party, she’s telling people now. Great.

I Get 7.25 an hour

I worked tonight. I got $15 in tips but I still want to leave. Nineteen applications and still no calls. But I found out tonight I make $7.25 per hour with tips. That place pulls in over $400 in tips every night.

Dee came to school the other day with one of those college things from one college (you know the things you get in the mail from a certain college asking if you want information.) Well she was all excited she like “look what I got” haha. I’m like that’s great, I get them in the mail everyday. I think she was so excited she brought it to one of her teachers or the guidance councilor. I’m going to a community college anyways so I don’t have to worry about them too much. And I don’t have to write a college essay or take the SATs.

I’m going down to Doug’s tomorrow. We are going to the mall Saturday, church Sunday, and school Monday.

Doug’s mommy came home from Las Vegas tonight.