Having a pool put in…Lots of pics 56k…you will be hosed.

Thought you guys might want to see the pics of the process so far. The yard isn’t huge so we went with a 30×18 play pool (4-5-4). It will have a waterfall, spa, and tanning ledge. The coping will be oklahoma flagstone, I don’t remember the name of the tile, but it is a natural loooking tile, and the decking will be stampcrete in the shape of flagstone. The finish on the pool will be Midnight Blue Pebble Tec.

I’m not going to post the layout pictures as they are really hard to see. The layout was sprayed in orange and the sun was bright.

shish kabob recipes?

Anyone have a good one? My brother makes some mean kabobs but he said not to let them marinate more than 5 hours with his recipe because the onions will soak into the meat too much. I wanted to prep them on Friday afternoon before leaving for a canoe trip and then cook them Saturday at the camp site so I don’t have to spend time prepping them there, and that’s a lot more than 5 hours of marinating.

In case anyone wants to try his recipe, it’s super simple. Fill bowl with vinegar and toss the cubed meat in. You don’t have to let it soak in long. Take meat out and layer it in a pot then salt and pepper. Take fresh onion rings and squeeze the juice out on the meat then lay the rings on the meat. Make next layer of meat and repeat salt, pepper, onions. Marinate for a couple hours and cook.