Favorite Cookbooks

What are you favorite cookbooks? I like the “Aunt Bea’s Mayberry Cookbook”. lots of great southern recipes and funny stuff to read from the show. I also have “The Joy of Cooking” to refer to.
A book called , by the editors of Cook’s Illustrated magazine. It’s as much a food textbook as a cookbook, explaining the science and reason behind cooking methods. They test dozens of variations of each recipe and technique, and tell you what worked and why. The magazine is awesome, too.

I want these people out of my house

I seem to have bad luck with roommates.

I own my own home, and I am a single person. 20 months ago, I decided I wanted to share my house with a roommate who will pay me rent and split bills so I could have more financial flexibility. I would charge him $400 per month and split the bills 2 ways. But, at the same time, my coworker / friend broke up with his girlfriend and needed a place to stay – quick. Its a 3 bedroom house, so I had room for him and told him he could stay rent-free for a couple of weeks before he moves on. So the agreement was that the first roommate gets a $25 discount off of his $400 rent for putting up with another roommate and he only pays 1/3 of the bills instead of 1/2. My coworker is to pay his 1/3.