You guys interested in a book club again this summer?

We did it a few years back, I was just wondering if you guys would be interested in starting one again for the summer.
dont know what that entitles. but that’d be cool ^__^
Tried to get one together awhile ago but didn’t work out. I’d be game though.
Im a member at so i have alot of books… and read way too much..
i would like to take part in this. I need a reason to go get some new books

last time we did it for a good 4 books / 4 months ish – we’ll try and get one going again this summer

Book Reviews and Recommendations

I figured that I would start writing brief summaries/reviews on some of the books that I read in order that other people may find literature that interests them. I am not that well read, but I have been reading significant amounts as of late. Try and spare me criticism, especially since taste is obviously a personal matter. I will try and contribute reviews of books as I read them and go back to books I have already read, but it is all dependent upon time. Some will likely be longer than others. Feel free to contribute any thoughts on books or recommendations of books for me to read.