Beer of the Month Club?

I had no idea where to post this, lol. Anyone know a good beer of the month club? I’m thinking about getting one for my brother as a graduation gift. The only stipulation would be that it needs to ship internationally as he’ll be stationed in Japan.

Thanks in advance

well sure, and i did, but i’m more looking for pesonal experience. You can ‘google’ to find anything, doesn’t mean you’ll find reputable vendors.

What Are You Reading??? v.New

I just finished The Sun Also Rises by Hemingway
I just picked up for whom the bell tolls
I also wanted to get Haunted by that fight club guy
The Sun Also Rises was great.

Just finished Haunted. I only found it mediocore. Maybe I was expecting too much. Some of the short stories were really well done, but the overall connecting story did nothing for me.

Rereading Huxley’s Brave New World at the moment.
Boy’s Life by Robert R. McCammon


Wine Recomendations

My favorite under $15 wine recomendation:
Estanice Cabernet Sauvingnon
Average Price $12 in VA. Available in most wine retailers
Tasting Notes:
Every year its a consistantly good bottle of wine. I have never had a bad vintage. It will easilly age for 10 years, however is always drinkable now.