First "dwelling" advice (Houston)

I’m moving out of my mother’s house (at the tender age of 22! ) this August, to the Houston area.
Unfortunately, I live in Illinois, so I don’t have the opportunity to go ‘apartment hunting’
I’ve also considered getting a condo, to help me build equity.
I’m going to be working at 10,001 Richmond ave, (in the inner loop, close to the Museum district, as I understand it)

My questions are, how much (as in what percent) of my income should I expect to spend on rent/mortgage?

Home Design Centers?

Anyone in the Houston area know about any home design centers? There used to be a Home Depot Expo center near Willowbrook that I used to love to walk around and get home design ideas. Any others like it aside from Ikea? I hate going to Ikea, nice stuff, but the store is a nightmare.

**EDU** – Sushi (Maki and Nigiri) **56k Warning**

I try to make sushi once a month for a family/friends dinner night


In this, I will be making a total of 6 cups Sushi Rice to make –
Maki (rolls): California, Rainbow, Unagi (Eel)
Nigiri (raw fish over rice): Sake (Salmon), Tuna (Tekka), Unagi (Eel), Yellowtail (Hamachi)

First off, you’re gonna need some Rice and a measuring cup!
Quick note though, make sure you use Calrose Rice. It’s a Japanese rice that is stickier and a shorter grain