Still no calls but I did get a letter from Hannaford in Gloversville say they had no openings. Only thing is they still have their sign out front saying they’re hiring :/. Well I got applications to Pizza Hut, BK, Crossroads Restaurant, Friendly, Eckerd, and Johnstown Movie Plex today though.

Doug is coming up Saturday morning. If ET is playing we are going to watch that then go to Micki’s party. Sunday we are going to Ellie’s house for Easter dinner.

I was talking with Evan the other day and he asks me if I want to go to the movie with him Friday. He is cool to hang out with as a friend but most chances he just wants sex so I said maybe. So I asked him if he was going to Micki’s party then he asks me if I want to be his date to it. I was like no I’m already going with someone. He asked me who and then left. So I know what he wants from me.

We had a two-hour delay Monday and we got out two hours early yesterday due to snow. We have about a foot of it now. It’s spring and we have more now then we did all winter.

I’m sleeping too much now. I sleep like 2 hours every day I come home plus at night. So now I’m really awake. Did you know u will die faster if you sleep 7-8 hours a day rather than 6.

OMG I was looking in the newspaper for jobs and I seen that C&R was hiring for hostess and waiters.

I ate almost a whole box of pudding today (the Jell-O kind where you add 2 cups of milk and mix). I didn’t have lunch or breakfast so I was just a tad hungry when I got home.

Hello Fans

Hello my fellow fans. Hmmm what happened to me lately? Yesterday I went shoe shopping and got two pairs. A pair of Skecher boots and another pair of Skecher sandals.

Then I went to work. They have they new girl but she’s like all the rest. I totally don’t fit in with these girls. There all like rich preps, you know A&F, American Eagle, tanning. I’m not that kind of person. Well this new girl keeps telling to do things like “table 103 needs to be cleaned.” I eventually do clear the table but slower than I would normal. I’m like she shouldn’t be telling me what to do, she’s new, I don’t care if she’s a hostess and I’m only a buffer. Anyways shouldn’t it be if someone new comes on they should be put at buffer and one the buffers be moved up to hostess? Only exception I can thing to that is maybe she hosted somewhere else. I can’t wait till leave that place.

Today I just sat here. I did laundry and helped my dad with his computer.

Happy St. Patericks Day.