How hard is it to remove carpet?

Home Depot wants $240 to remove the old carpet before they install the new stuff. The area is 2 small bedrooms, a hallway, and some stairs (around 500 sq ft). Is it worth it to do myself?
take a box cutter, and cut a slice in the carpet, then just tug and it will pull right up, unless its glued down (which its usually not). even if it was glued down google for what will soften up the glue (acetone or mineral spirits probably). its held in along the edge with tack strips. the carpet will pull right off of them, and the tack strips come off with a prybar and hammer. if its on concrete, when you pull up the strips, it will take small quarter sized pieces of concrete with it (from my experience), then just get a small tub of premixed concrete and patch the holes,then lay down whatever you want (tile, wood, etc).

Any Electricians Here?

I have some outlets in a buidling where I want to know what breakers they are associated to. Turning off and on all the breakers is not an option. What is the simplist way to accomplish this?
stick a piece of wire in the plugs of the oulet (with a pair of insulated pliers). it will trip the breaker that powers that outlet
lol, I had to do that at my job before… except they have super breakers and it was buzzing loudly for about 20 seconds before it threw.

There are cool little tools where you can plug something in on one side, and touch the breaker with the remote piece and it’ll let you know. My, I always just plugged a lamp in and threw breakers til it went off. A pet peeve of mine is poorly labeled breakers

so I’m getting a power tool set for christmas.

Ryobi 18v kit , it’s the five piece from Home Depot. Vac will be nice… flashlight would be handy, drill would get used… however I’ve never used a powered saw on anything before. Never really did use a drill for much besides as a powered screw driver.

Educate me.. I’m interested in getting started in a bit of beginner wood working… nothing that would need a planer or router or anything… that will come later. What are some good sites with plans for small projects?
ill let you know one thing about those powered saws, the go through batteries like crazy, good for like 5 mins… good tool set though!

Running a water line for the fridge…

So I just bought a new fridge and I need to get a copper water line ran to it. I had a plumber today come by and quote 330-350? I think to do it.. It seems a little pricey just for one small copper line….

Just curious if anyone would shed light on the cost and/or difficulty to do this.
well, we got a new fridge last year and installed it ourselves (seemed easy) but then water went everywhere

we just got a good friend who knows plumbing to do it…he was done in less than 5 minutes

home reno project – tiling

so to give you a brief deal of what’s going on…bought this place 1 year ago, need to sell to buy a bigger house, was going to throw a coat of paint on it to call it a day (ugliest colors ever, last owner lacked taste, and we never bothered to paint it), but my father in law offered to help us do serious renovations, so I said sure I suck at working with my hands (except with the ladiez of course ), but I learn quick

so it begins:

we ripped up the linolium that was in there…and there was the sticky paper under it, and we didn’t want to sand, so we started scraping with a scraper… this took a while

Need lumber advice

hi, please pardon my noobness

i wish to build a high clearance shelf for my desk,

i am way too new at stuff like this, i have no real tools other than screwdrivers and tape measure, but i am willing to maybe go out and buy some cheap but decent tools(dont know if i should have mixed those last words ^_^ ).

i would like to do most of the work myself, but i think i would be better off having the shelf cut out for me at the store(if possible)

the closest DIY store to me that i can get to is a Home Depot.

so, you want to epoxy your garage floor, eh? Look inside.

I did this a year ago. Turned out great. A few tips.

– I used the Rustoleum brand. The "2 car garage" box was enough for my 2-car garage. Amazing, eh? I even put it on relatively thick.

– make sure you can’t see concrete after you roll it. you should only need one coat.

– BE EASY ON THE CONFETTI. YOU WILL RUN OUT BEFORE YOU COVER THE WHOLE FLOOR. I had to go up to Home Depot and bribe them out of another bag of the stuff. I don’t suggest that. It comes with 2 bags, and that should be enough. I put too much on.

Building the Ultimate Manroom

I have a detached 2 car shop with a finished 27×20 2nd floor. I am trying to get some ideas for the ultimate manroom. Im trying to save money so if anybody has unique cheap ideas please let me know. My first step is flooring, what looks good, unique, cheap ? What about walls? Any input would be nice, I will post pics with progress.
tile or wood/faux wood floor. You’re going to be drinking lots of beer, puking it up, and have strippers with weird (but tasty) excretions. You’re going to need a floor that’s easy to mop. Also a stripper pole would be cool to have for when you have the slutz over.

Do they make electrical splice connectors like this?

I just bought a bunch of halogen under-cabinet lights. Unfortunately
each one is wired individually to a plug and it comes with an extension cord to plug them all into .

I would like to run an electrical cord for one light from my switch to the far side of the cabinet. Then I would like to splice in my other lights off this single line.

There is something called a tap splice connector, it looks like this:

Tap-Splice Connectors

Tap-Splice Connector

Hay guys, I bought a townhouse

You’re going to see me here more often now as the house need a lot of cosmetic work. I’m a noob so this is going to be my first project house (ie project car). I want to do so many things to it but so far i only painted one of the bedroom…looks like ass too. Didn’t know u need to primer white spackle… Didn’t sand some of the lump & bumps on the wall down…etc..

These are the before pics with previous owner junk in it.

(i’ve replaced the toilet seat with hardwood)