Drink Suggestions

I need some suggestions of good/original drinks that can be ordered from a somewhat classy bar, something keen, yet sophisticated, anything really….throw out some suggestions, Thanks.
I apologize if this is the wrong forum.
Why not just order what you like? unless you don’t drink much or only drink cheap stuff.
thread starter probably doesn’t go to bars often enough to know what he likes, and doesn’t want to make himself look like an ass.

I can’t be of much help, though. Sorry. Hopefully somebody else can pitch in.

Hard "Apple Cider"

Apple Cider is in quotations because apple cider wasn’t used, but that’s what we called whatever I was having at the get together I was at last night (tacky holiday sweaters included).

From what I could tell, and see it was:
Bottle of apple juice
Some Captain Morgans
Little bit of Maker’s Mark
Some type of spice was added as well.
And some lemon slices were floating in the mixture of stuff.

All of this was heated in a small crock pot so it was warm.

What’s your favorite Belgian/German beer?

I’m split between St. Bernardus and Delirium Nocturnum, myself.
Delirium is good, but I absolutely adore anything Schneider
I wouldn’t lump German and Belgian in the same category at all. I have yet to find a German beer that I really like, but I like tons of Belgian brews. Chimay Rouge and Duvel come to mind.
Hacker Pshore, SchniederWiesse, Erdinger (i know that one is spelt wrong)