Vodka cream pasta sauce??

I have found this in stores and its really ok, but I would like a recipie for making it from scratch. Its just the red pasta sauce and I know you add vodka and cream and parmesan cheese but don’t know the amounts to add. Any suggestions??
you like that stuff? I got a jar once and thought it tasted like crap, maybe the home made stuff is better? I’ll see if I can find a recipe.

I usually don’t care much for the bottled sauces, but this one I bought was ok. Can’t remember what brand though- I just know it was really thick. I put it over cheese ravioli with Italian sausage and mozz. cheese on top, and yeah it was pretty good, but I’m sure the homemede stuff is better. It usually is!!

Homemade Tofu

Would anyone like to know how to make home made tofu? If so, I’ll make up a guide and take pictures.
I’d totally be down for a guide. You could also do some of your best tofu recipes too
OK then, I’ll try and get the guide written up by next week. Going shopping to make tofu!
hells yeah post it! i would love to make my own.

my favorite recipe is taken from, general tao’s tofu. the secret to crispy perfect fried tofu is using cornstarch.