Favorite Cookbooks

What are you favorite cookbooks? I like the “Aunt Bea’s Mayberry Cookbook”. lots of great southern recipes and funny stuff to read from the show. I also have “The Joy of Cooking” to refer to.
A book called , by the editors of Cook’s Illustrated magazine. It’s as much a food textbook as a cookbook, explaining the science and reason behind cooking methods. They test dozens of variations of each recipe and technique, and tell you what worked and why. The magazine is awesome, too.

so, you want to epoxy your garage floor, eh? Look inside.

I did this a year ago. Turned out great. A few tips.

– I used the Rustoleum brand. The "2 car garage" box was enough for my 2-car garage. Amazing, eh? I even put it on relatively thick.

– make sure you can’t see concrete after you roll it. you should only need one coat.

– BE EASY ON THE CONFETTI. YOU WILL RUN OUT BEFORE YOU COVER THE WHOLE FLOOR. I had to go up to Home Depot and bribe them out of another bag of the stuff. I don’t suggest that. It comes with 2 bags, and that should be enough. I put too much on.

Multiple head showers

I want to do something like this in my home…. What do I need to know?

Water pressure- is there a way to increase it?
Parts: Cheap links?
Part Recs?
Keeping it clean (does that shower auto spray work?)

Anything else I need to know? I think these things look fucking sexy and could add a lot to the resale (if i keep it clean, etc)

My parents just redid their shower with mutliple heads. It has a main head, handel and three body jets. Its amazing showering in it, but their is a loss of pressure when usin the jets