Suggestion on a low cost Table Saw

I’m working on a few projects for my apartment, like building a 75g Aquarium stand.

I was going to buy a Circular saw, but then I thought that a Table saw would be alot more useful.

I could use some suggestions or advice. My limit is about $200 new or used. If I can’t get a table saw that’s decent for that much I’ll just get a cheapo Circular saw.

I’d recommend just going to your local home depot, lowes, sears etc… and seeing what they have in your price range. They usually have all the models on display so you can check them out real good and find what you like that will do the job you need to do. I’d take a radial arm saw over a table saw anyday but I can’t afford one so I have a table saw. Mitre saws are also pretty handy and very easy to use. Circular saw is your best bet for cutting large pieces of plywood.

major garage reno. lots of pics

So Ive pretty much re-done every other area/room in the house except the garage. Its been bugging me for a long time. The walls had alot of holes in them and the old cabinets and brown peg board made it look pretty shitty. Also my brother is an electrician so everytime we re-do a room he’s upgraded the electric and ran new circuits because the whole house was originally done on like 3 circuits so this led to lots of wire being run from the panel through the garage into various parts of the house, so a main thing I wanted to accomplish was to cover all that mess up and put in new and less cabinets (since most of the old cabinets were filled with crap anyway and took up alot of space.)