How hard is it to remove carpet?

Home Depot wants $240 to remove the old carpet before they install the new stuff. The area is 2 small bedrooms, a hallway, and some stairs (around 500 sq ft). Is it worth it to do myself?
take a box cutter, and cut a slice in the carpet, then just tug and it will pull right up, unless its glued down (which its usually not). even if it was glued down google for what will soften up the glue (acetone or mineral spirits probably). its held in along the edge with tack strips. the carpet will pull right off of them, and the tack strips come off with a prybar and hammer. if its on concrete, when you pull up the strips, it will take small quarter sized pieces of concrete with it (from my experience), then just get a small tub of premixed concrete and patch the holes,then lay down whatever you want (tile, wood, etc).

Making a girl dinner in 4 days.. need ideas.

Girl I’m interested in but not obviously. It can’t be ultra romantic or anything, but i want an awesome dinner idea for her. She says she’s not picky unless it’s sushi.

Help me TGI!

serve with a light salad and pasta, and voila.
Haha… and when she asks what it is I’m supposed to tell her it’s "wedding soup"? It sounds damn good though. I might give this one a go.
I would make a pasta – it doesn’t have to be ultra romantic, but italian food is pretty romantic. Plus, it is fairly easy to make and most everyone loves it. If you need a recipe, you can browse,, and or if you need help tell me what kind you like and I’ll post an easy recipe

The Lord of the Rings Trilogy! What order?

I’ve never seen any of the movies or read any of the books. Which order do they go in? Does it start with "The Hobbit"?
The Hobbit
Fellowship of the rings
Two Towers
Return of the King.
Just an FYI, the Hobbit has not been made into a movie yet.


**EDU** – Sushi (Maki and Nigiri) **56k Warning**

I try to make sushi once a month for a family/friends dinner night


In this, I will be making a total of 6 cups Sushi Rice to make –
Maki (rolls): California, Rainbow, Unagi (Eel)
Nigiri (raw fish over rice): Sake (Salmon), Tuna (Tekka), Unagi (Eel), Yellowtail (Hamachi)

First off, you’re gonna need some Rice and a measuring cup!
Quick note though, make sure you use Calrose Rice. It’s a Japanese rice that is stickier and a shorter grain

Not Much Hope for Hollywood

I found out today Dee got an interview at this one place. She only filled out like 6 applications. I don’t know what I’m going wrong. She has never had a job before in her life; I have more work experience than her. The only think I can think of is because she’s 18 maybe. Maybe after I turn 18 someone will hire me.

I told Doug to send me an application from the Hannaford be works at in Guilderland. I bet him $20 I wont get a call.

Well I applied to BK, Hollywood Video, Blockbuster Video, and Dunking Doughnuts all in Amsterdam. I applied to 23 places now. I would want to work a Hollywood Video most; it’s nice in there, then Blockbuster, then Dunking Doughnuts. Last would be BK because I really don’t want to work there. But I probably wont get the Hollywood Video or Blockbuster job, if any it would be BK, maybe Dunking Doughnuts.

I was telling Dee about the big bunny I got from Doug for Easter, I love rubbing Doug in her face sometimes J, and she like ?Eric doesn’t celebrate Easter.? Haha what religion doesn’t celebrate Easter, I thought everyone does.

Exactly one more month till Prom.