Dry lock for the basement – Your thoughts

i know the ideal solution is to seal from the outside…

But have any of you used it? Pros & cons?
Hi there,

I’ve used it and it worked nicely. To make sure it had a nice bond I used TSP (Tri Sodium Phosphate) over the surface first. Then filled in my rod holes (my basement was poured with those rebar rods to hold it together) with cement and then finally painted it all with Dry Lock cement.

Very rugged stuff and made a nice bond. Also it is really waterproof. I’ve spilled drinks on it and it’s just pooled there until you clean it up. It doesn’t soak into the concrete at all.

Milky white fluid from an onion

As I started cutting a white onion up, a milky white substance started dripping out of it. No unusual odors or growths that I can see.

What the hell is this, and is it still edible?

A quick search on Google didn’t reveal much, but one person on Yahoo suggests that it may be sugars leaking from the onion. Can someone confirm this?
Gotcha, thanks. I also found out that it also means the onion is just over ripened, and while it’s particularly good for cooking, it’s terrible raw.