Have you ever ate or seen

such big pieces of meat?

In a city near the place where iam living (in germany) is a resturant where you can eat big meals. The thing on the pic is called Schnitzel in germany and austria and it is a piece of meat with a little bit crunchy coat. On the schnitzel is a mushroom sauce. The Schnitzel on this picture has a weight between 1,3 and 1,5 kilograms and me and my friend tried to eat 1 (me one, he one) but i think we took 600 grams of meat home because we were so fully. Do you ate such big meals too or do you know places where you can get this sizes? Iam interested in big burgers etc. too. Pictures would be really nice.

Brewing Crew : dry stout for summer?

We cooked this one up last saturday… gonna check it tomorrow to see how its doing.

What is everyone brewing currently?

Next up is a hefeweizen.

in german, hefeweizen means "yeast wheat," and is made with malted barley. unlike int he states, ehats is prominent yearround in germany, so varioations of hefeweizen depend on the provinces of germany that have the richest grains, the flavors can actually be tasted seasonally in germany and europe.

What Are You Reading??? v.New

I just finished The Sun Also Rises by Hemingway
I just picked up for whom the bell tolls
I also wanted to get Haunted by that fight club guy
The Sun Also Rises was great.

Just finished Haunted. I only found it mediocore. Maybe I was expecting too much. Some of the short stories were really well done, but the overall connecting story did nothing for me.

Rereading Huxley’s Brave New World at the moment.
Boy’s Life by Robert R. McCammon