Anyone use a cordless electric lawn mower?

I’ve done some research online, but still not convinced which one to buy.
don’t do it if you have any sizeable lawn, the batteries don’t last. Better yet make one out of an old gas mower, a car battery, a 12 volt motor and the appropiet wiring.
I have a Homelite. Got it from Home Depot. Works great, except not self propelled. I can mow the lawn twice before having to recharge, would most likely actually do my lawn almost 3 times, but don’t want to have to wait for the re-charge. Yards down here are fairly small though.

Who honestly needs a self propelled lawn mower?

You’re walking behind the damn thing anyways, it doesn’t take that much effort to actually push it. If you’re that lazy, buy a riding mower.

My grandparents have one, they are both in their 70s and dont have the muscle or energy to push it but like to mow their own lawn for exercise.