HomeOwners: Good places to read and get ideas for home improvements.

I want to start upgrading and changing the style of my home but have no really good starting point. Any help?
wife and I get ideas from architecture & design mags. And we always find new ideas at the parade of home tours we do (though I dunno if they do that where you live).
We get Metropolitan Home.

Also try for ideas others have tried.
Assuming you are doing this to sell your house…

Anything you can do to add modern trends to an older home is good. This gives people the feeling that they are in a newer/nicer home than they really are. And since most people shop for homes at the top end of their price bracket, they will feel like they are getting a good deal. Don’t go too overboard or you will never recover the cost, but what you can get away with will pay off.

Townhouse vs. Condo v.Buying

Hi guys, I am considering both and would like your input. I’m 25 and looking to purchase my first place within a few months. I’ve always been fixated on getting a garaged townhouse. I have a car that I often swap tires/brakes in etc. so a garage would really be nice to have. I don’t really care so much about the size of the place, 2-3 bedrooms would be fine. So I’ve been thinking lately and perhaps getting a condo would be a better choice. There are condos that have detached garages, I wonder if it would be permissible to do some work in them. I guess the thought of possibly saving myself 50k or so by going the condo route is intriguing. It almost seems that I could save some money, get a nicer interior, and perhaps better location if I go the condo route. I know there are cons though, higher fees, noise levels perhaps, not being able to have a grill on the deck, no direct access from garage to the house, etc…

how to make apt/house smell good?

parents are visiting my apt for the first time next weekend… need to impress since they are always condescending to me. tried those sprays you can pick up at your local grocery store but they aren’t that good.

basically i need something relatively strong to get the smell of beer/chicken/ketchup out of here.
i’d start by making sure that you thoroughly clean the place. vacuum the carpets and floors, then steam clean the carpets and mop the floors. dust all of your furniture (use a cleaning polish). maybe get an air purifier if for whatever reason you’ve got "moist" air. also try out some air fresheners from bed bath and beyond.